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2023 Tech Job Search Guide

This guide was created to help tech job seekers during their search. It includes everything from technical resume tips, working with recruiters, building your personal online brand, interview tips, red flags to look for, how to prep your references, crafting a thank you note, and how to evaluate multiple job offers. This resource is meant to be used as a job seekers guide to finding a job, from start to finish.

If you’ve found that you are ready to start your job search after reading this guide, contact us today. Planet Technology is a global staffing and recruitment firm that specializes in sourcing top talent for roles within the Core Technology, Enterprise Systems, Cybersecurity, and Creative & Digital sectors. Our goal is to connect professionals with opportunities that will allow them to achieve their potential ad develop a clear career path. We strive to connect talent to the right position based on one’s skills and the culture they are looking for.

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