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2023 Tech Trends: Who’s Going to the Cloud?

Switching from on-premise computing to the cloud is not new, but many industries are just making the shift and they need talent to help them do it. There’s a lot of demand and not a lot of supply, so this could be a great career move for you.

The move to cloud computing began in tier one and tier two IT companies (think Fortune 100 & 500) just a few years ago. These organizations realized that storing data off-site, instead of on-site servers, gave them more flexibility and saved money. Before, IT employees might pull an all-nighter just to have access to the servers. With cloud computing, access is 24/7 for everyone. System updates, for example, go smoother because it’s all happening – often by the vendor – on the cloud. Product development can happen faster too, because the data is always available.

COVID-19 had a mixed impact on this move to cloud computing. It accelerated it for some companies while others held back to see how the pandemic would play out. Consequently, some industries are just getting on board now. 

Skills and Experience Needed

Because many companies are making this upgrade, even if most of your experience is on-prem, they need people who understand the space. If you are willing to learn, this is a great time to learn the cloud. While the architect leading the project needs cloud implementation experience, analysts and developers with skills that correlate have opportunities as well. Let’s say you have several years working with on-prem systems. This will translate well to the cloud, and you can learn more by working under an experienced architect.

Another skillset needed is an understanding of a variety of software systems. The enterprise software (ERP) needs to integrate with existing systems. So, maybe the company’s HCM system comes from one vendor and the manufacturing software from another. IT professionals need to get them to work smoothly together. If you have experience working with different software systems, that’s more skills that you bring to the table.

Industries That are Making the Move

While many Fortune 500 companies have made the move to the cloud, many are just beginning. In particular, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, aerospace and organizations in the public sector like schools, municipalities, and city transportation systems are exploring how to move from on-premise to the cloud. The challenge for many of these organizations is that they’re accustomed to all employees working on site. But with the demand for IT professionals, hybrid and remote working must be considered. It’s a culture shift for many of these industries. If you’re looking to gain this experience, it’s important to acknowledge this and adjust your expectations.

What’s Next?

Organizations looking to start an upgrade towards the end of the 1st quarter of 2023 will be looking for permanent and contract talent. These projects will typically last one to two years. If you’re ready for a new challenge – whether you have cloud or on-prem experience – this is a great time to find that new job that will help you continue to develop your skills and add depth to your resume.

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