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Workday’s Human Capital Management (HCM) platform helps companies plan, recruit, and manage their workforce in a single platform, designed with Workday’s Power of One approach in mind. Workday’s Power of One allows organizations to manage all aspects of their business, from finance to HR in a single system. This approach makes it easy for companies to manage their entire workforce from anywhere, whether working in the office or working remotely. Here are 3 Workday features for managing a remote workforce.

Create a Consistent Employee Experience

Creating a consistent and personalized employee experience can be challenging, especially while a team is working remotely. Workday HCM uses Machine Learning (ML) to create a personalized employee experience for each user based on their job title, role, and on their regular tasks. The people experience feature provides career guidance, answers HR and payroll questions, and provides additional personalized content to each user. Creating a consistent and personalized employee experience saves users time, increases productivity, and enhances communication among a remote workforce.

Monitor Employee & Company Performance

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a remote team is monitoring employee output and performance. Workday’s reporting and analytics function helps users manage and stay on top of employee activity and performance by monitoring overall organizational health. Users can view headcount and turnover trends, gain insight into who is developing high-performing teams, which employees need help and locates gaps in performance. The reporting and analytics feature also helps managers discover workforce and employee performance patterns, which makes it easy to identify employee performance while working remotely.

Manage Employee Training and Learning

When working remotely, it is important to continue pushing employee training and enrichment initiatives forward. Workday HCM helps companies keep track of employee learning and provide education opportunities for employees while working from home. Workday’s HCM learning feature allows companies to manage all aspects of training including videos, peer-generated content, social sharing, quizzes, and training workbooks. The learning feature also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to track employee training statuses to help managers identify development opportunities amongst a remote workforce.

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