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Creative Outlook: March 2023

The importance of the creative, digital, and marketing sectors couldn’t be clearer. Regardless of industry or organizational size, companies need these talented professionals for tasks like content creation, user experience design, web development, and even market research. In short, such personnel are critical not only for attracting new customers and users, but for improving existing relationships.

In this new series, we’ll take a look back at some of the developing stories and new dynamics in the creative world, as well as offer our predictions on what’s ahead.

Creative, Digital, and Marketing Contract Roles in 2023

A quick survey of our network reveals some insight into the creative and digital market for 2023, specifically when it comes to contract hiring. This survey by no means provides a full picture, but it does mirror some general trends we see in the industry.

  • 33% of respondents plan to hire more contractors for project-based work
  • 20% plan to scale down resources
  • 16% see no foreseeable change
  • 30% do not know

“Despite layoffs, many of our clients plan to hire more contract resources for their creative and marketing needs this year, especially for project-based work. Though 2023 has been off to a slow start, we’re confident we can find our talented candidates new and exciting opportunities going forward.”

Loren Rakowsky, SVP, Creative & Digital

Layoffs in Big Tech

To be sure, market volatility within the world of big tech plays a role in these findings. Big name companies like Amazon, Salesforce, META, and others have trudged ahead with significant layoffs. No doubt that interest rate hikes and fears of recession are contributing factors. It is conceivable that more organizations will move to more contract work in light of persistent economic woes. Markets bounce back, as they always do. And project-based hiring is likely where we are to see the first gains. It’s simply a matter of when.

Looking Forward

We surveyed segments of our network to get a sense of their hiring priorities for Q2 and beyond. 45% of respondents indicated hiring project managers were of utmost priority looking forward. Again, this may speak to a project-based hiring push throughout the industry in the latter quarters of 2023. 28% said UX Designers, a perennially in-demand role. 12% said Email Marketing Specialists, while 16 percent said Other.

We’re curious if these findings reflect your general sense of the market, and internal state of your organization. In any case, it’ll be interesting to see which roles take a dominant position when it comes to hiring throughout 2023.

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