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How Long is Your Workday Certification Active?

More than 150 Workday professionals and customers from all facets of the ecosystem tested their Workday Certification knowledge by participating in this 3-day poll:


How long is your Workday Certification still active after you separate from a Workday Partner?


Well, that’s tricky. If you selected “2 WD Releases/Updates,” which the majority of you did (63%), you would be correct. However – only partially. For the complete answer you would need to put that together with the second most selected option: “12 Months.”​

The Explanation (It’s Brief)

As you know Workday releases enhancements and new functionality via bi-annual updates in March (2021 R1) and September (2021 R2). Generally, your certification is still active from the time your employment ends with a Workday Partner until the first update training you miss. For example, if you were part of a reduction in workforce just after Covid-19 peaked during the summer of 2020, your 2020R1 certification would be active until the window to complete the 2020 R2 update training closed, which was 11/3/2020. From that date, you would have 12 months to complete the new training and any subsequent trainings you might have missed before your certification became completely inactive, requiring a full recertification.

“Active”​ Does Not Mean “Usable”​

While your certification would have been active prior to missing the 2020R2 update, it would not have been useable for implementer or tenant access. There are only two scenarios that would allow you to put that active certification back to work.

  1. Join another Workday Services Partner as a full-time employee.
  2. Join a Workday Staffing Partner as a Workday Certified – Independent Contractor. A Workday Staffing Partner is able to carry and maintain Workday Certifications for qualified independent consultants to contract on partner-led deployments.

Interested in learning more about Workday Certified independent contracting? Let’s connect. Also be sure to join our Workday Certification Network (WCN) group!

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