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Issue with Snagit 12 and Windows 10


As I have been presenting and recording using Skype for Business for quite some time I haven’t had the need to use SnagIt in quite some time so I didn’t upgrade to the Snagit 13 version when it came out.  Today I wanted to do some “snippet” how to videos for an application we developed and Snagit seemed the perfect fit but I uncovered an issue that is easily resolved, despite it taking me 30 minutes to figure out what was going on.  Short and sweet version: if you are running Snagit12 with Windows 10 Anniversary update installed you need to visit this page on the TechSmith support site. The longer and more cathartic version follows.

I opened up SnagIt like I have done thousands of times before and put up our user stories for the application on my secondary monitor to use as the “script”.  I recorded 5 short videos (15 minutes total) and everything went smoothly. No pregnant pauses or um’s, just clean recordings on the first go round.  I hit play on the first video and don’t get any sound. Okay, that’s weird…what’s different about my setup now?

First thought was I had just bought a new headset/microphone a week ago and maybe Skype for Business picked it up but Snagit didn’t.  Checked the settings and that wasn’t the issue.   Then checked my default settings in Windows and tested…everything was in order there. Then I had an epiphany, I installed Camtasia a month or so ago to try out the new features, maybe that trial being expired was casuing the issue.  I removed Camtasia and rebooted the laptop, still no joy.

By this time, I had probably spent 25 minutes messing with settings and wondering why in the world Skype for Business was working fine with my new headset/microphone but Snagit wasn’t.  I finally gave up on fixing it myself and hit up the trusty world wide web.  Low and behold the second result in Google “snagit 12 not recording audio” fixes the issue.  Moral of the story…if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably is a duck.