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Sharegate Desktop: An unexpected error occurred: This file is currently not available for use on the computer

We are big proponents of using the right tool for the job and when it comes to migrations from file shares and on-premises SharePoint we often recommend the Sharegate Desktop application.  Just head over to your favorite search engine and type “lift and shift SharePoint migration” to see why we like to use utilities to avoid the lift and shift approach. Migration best practices aside, as the title of this post suggests there was something a little wonky going on with one of our customers migrations. One of the other reasons we like Sharegate so much is its ease of use as it allows the customer to perform many of the tasks without our assistance which saves them consulting dollars but when issues arise, we are usually able to solve them quickly, this was no exception.

The customer reported the following error message being received on a significant number of files being migrated: “An unexpected error occurred: This file is currently not available for use on the computer”. While we have seen this error in other sync mechanisms and on shoddy connections from time to time but it was a first for us with Sharegate and even though they have a great knowledge base for their utility the error message was nowhere to be found. Armed with our previous knowledge of the error message and a Teams meeting screen share it took about 5 minutes to figure out the root cause😉.

The customer was migrating from a file share that had an archiving utility in use and the error message was appearing on all the archived files.  Previously this was not a problem, so the issue was clearly related to a change that had occurred in the past week or so since their last migration.  We did some “due diligence” as there was a recent Sharegate update but fortunately that update was not the culprit. It turns out there was an unreported outage/issue with the archiving utility at the customer site that caused the files to become unavailable for manual restoration let alone work properly with the utility. The customer was able to restore the archiving utility functionality and the migration was back on track within a few hours of our meeting.  It was ultimately an odd instance of the error message really indicating the problem!

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