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Spotlight Interview with Anissa Bryant

We’re shining a light on some of the amazing folks who inhabit our Planet. Let’s get to know Anissa Bryant, a Recruiter and Team Lead with our Creative and Digital practice.

Tell us a little about your background…

My background in recruiting started with a tech startup that was growing rapidly. I hit the ground running in recruiting and fell in love with the process. I got into the recruiting agency side of things with Planet and the rest is history.  

How long have you been with Planet Technology? Can you talk about how you have grown in your career in that time? How has Planet Technology facilitated that growth?

I’ve been with Planet Technology since 2019. I’ve grown from an individual contributor position into a role where I’m training and managing direct reports. Planet Technology facilitated that growth by having a culture that rewards collaboration.  

Any career highlights in your time at Planet Technology?

A highlight for me is hitting recruiting goals for Presidents Club two years in a row – Cancun, here I come.  

What’s your favorite part about being a recruiter? 

My favorite part about being a recruiter is that I get to ask people about their hopes and dreams and sometimes – I get to help them fulfill that dream of a certain position or working with a certain client. Also, it’s really fun to get to know people.  

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the recruitment field? 

Get ready to learn a lot about interviewing! I think the most successful recruiters are great at screening candidates and asking the right questions.  

In one sentence, describe why someone should consider a career at Planet Technology.

Planet Technology offers unlimited growth potential for ambitious recruiters and salespeople.  

As a former history major, what is your favorite historical period or event, and why? 

My favorite historical event was probably when Napoleon Bonaparte decided he wasn’t going to be banished on an island anymore and returned to France. The most fascinating thing for me was that everywhere he went he found friends and allies when he was supposed to be in exile – even turning opposing forces into allies that marched with him to Paris. There’s something so special about someone who can communicate effectively.  

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

If I could travel anywhere in the world it would be Antartica because penguins are the cutest!  

Any goals –professional or personal – that you want to accomplish in 2023?

In 2023, I’d like to be my own best friend and take my own advice.  It’s easier said than done, but I think if I can manage it most the time I’d be well off.  

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