Case Studies

Enhanced Interdepartmental Communication & Email Authentication

The client is a leading technology partner for medical manufacturers that makes life-changing capabilities
possible for industrial and medical applications.

The Challenge

One of the main business challenges was interdepartmental communication when it came to email authentication. The client needed to get all legitimate email sender operations under control, such as email security and deliverability compliance, Proofpoint (PoD), and Exchange Online routing.

The client also needed to setup email authentication for existing domain portfolios, vendors, and email infrastructure. To do this, they needed to optimize SPF records and DNS lookups, ensure the policy was up to industry best practices, and complete DKIM authentication.

The Solution

Working closely with the client’s team, Planet Technology provided a consultation on implementation of DMARC reject policy project of 287 domains. Each were reviewed and the client was advised on email authentication data, metrics, and sources necessary for compliance for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. All 287 domains successfully reached DMARC reject compliance by a custom self-hosted DMARC policy solution utilizing DNS CNAMEs for all DMARC records of domains under the client’s ownership. This successfully reduced the change and administrative overhead for individual domain DMARC policies by over 99%.

In addition to reaching DMARC reject enforcement, existing and potential deliverability issues with third party vendors where fixed. A full audit and remediation of Proofpoint on Demand cluster configuration was completed to adhere to best-practices and industry standards. Lastly, any addressing Exchange Online routing issues that were causing security risks to the organization were fixed.

Technologies Used

  • Proofpoint PoD
  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • MxToolbox

Photo Credit: Canva