Case Studies

Microsoft Team Modernizes Client’s Core Application and Conducts Knowledge Transfer


For nearly 50 years, the client has specialized in custom-formulated, environmentally friendly industrial cleaners and chemicals, and delivering their product to partners in refillable containers. At the core of their business are principles of safety and sustainability. 

Key Challenges 

To facilitate key business operations, the client utilized a custom desktop application for processes such as managing invoices and partner product fulfillment. However, this was a legacy application which could only be accessed via remote desktop. Additionally, previous attempts at modernization had failed, overburdening their IT teams. 

  • Outdated legacy desktop application with limited failover capabilities    
  • Limited experience with Azure  
  • Limited experience with CI/CD  (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery)
  • Poor database structure for application 

It thus became clear that the client would require the assistance of a consulting partner to modernize their core business application.  


Planet Technology’s Microsoft 365 team was able to successfully modernize the client’s application. Working closely with their IT team and licensing partners, Planet Technology configured a right sized Azure environment for the modernized version of the application as well as identified the skill sets necessary to finalize the implementation of cloud version. In addition, Planet Technology worked with the client’s development team to set up full Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Continuous Integration and Continuous Development (CI/CD).  


Planet Technology worked with the client’s IT and quality assurance staff to complete the modernization effort on time and within budget. In addition, we performed a detailed documentation handoff along with numerous knowledge transfer sessions to ensure the client’s IT team can manage, enhance, and scale as necessary moving forward. The new application has significantly improved ease-of-access for both the client and their customers who rely on their services for their chemical and containerization needs.  

Key Features  

  • Modernized Application: Web based application enables all users of the system to interact with the application with familiar tools 
  • Cloud Hosted: Hosting in Azure enables the client to scale as needed and provides much needed redundancy and fail over capabilities 
  •  Full ALM & CI/CD: Development and quality assurance teams now have a means of ensuring bug fixes and enhancements are properly vetted prior to deployment to production environment  
  •  Normalized Database: Restructuring and normalizing the databases has significantly improved the consistency of the data as well as providing a quicker load time for users of the application.

Photo Credit: Canva