Case Studies

Recruiting New In-House Digital Team for National Brand

The client is a retail chain operating hundreds of department stores across the US. To keep pace with
market trends and consumer habits, the organization embarked on a wholesale digital transformation
effort to meet their evolving customer needs.

Key Challenge

The organization sought to build out an in-house digital growth enablement team to help transform
their business. Filling these roles quickly was critical to 2023 business objectives, needing to successfully
fill them within 90 days.

The client’s internal recruitment teams found it difficult to compete and secure the talent necessary for
these positions. They determined that they would need the assistance of a staffing partner with
expertise in the marketing and creative space.


Having previously partnered with Planet Technology’s Enterprise division, the client decided to engage
the firm’s Creative and Digital practice to fill these essential roles. With the client’s 90-day hiring window
rapidly coming to a close, Planet’s recruiters immediately set out to staff the open positions.

Planet Technology sourced and prescreened talent to present to the client. In order to compete for the
best of the best, Planet’s recruiters strongly sold the opportunity to candidates as a chance to be a part of
a digital transformation project at a nationally recognized company.

Utilizing their extensive network and market expertise, The Creative and Digital team filled all six of the
client’s jobs within the hiring timeline. Specifc roles included:

  • Sr. Managers: Customer Marketing Strategists
  • Customer Analysts
  • Loyalty Engagement Analysts


The client now has the necessary personnel to carry out their digital transformation initiatives, an
ongoing effort for 2023. Planet Technology continues to support the client with staff augmentation across
a range of practice areas, including Creative and Digital and Enterprise Technology.

Photo Credit: Canva