CASE STUDY: Formalized Testing Plan Gets Graphic Design Firm On Schedule

The client is a graphic design company that specializes in customer logos. Originally founded in Cincinnati, they have been delivering high quality work to their partners for over 100 years, recently receiving A Best Place to Work Award by the Printing Industries of America.

The Challenge

The client utilized a combination of web and Windows applications to run their internal business processes, including time and account management as well as invoices. Their existing process for maintaining and updating these applications consisted of a 30-day turnaround from the development of a new release to putting it into production. Working within this timeframe was proving difficult as the team found extensive bugs and defects during testing. Without a formal QA process in place, the team would continue facing delays in pushing releases into production. The client utilized Planet Technology blended onsite/offshore delivery model to get the job done.

The Solution

Planet Technology’s QA Delivery Manager worked onsite to analyze the client’s project release life cycle. Working closely alongside the client’s internal IT team, the QA Delivery Manager deployed a formalized testing process to identify bugs and defects in software releases. From there, QA Testers working remotely from Planet Technology-owned offshore facilities in Hyderabad, India conducted manual testing to ensure the quality of the application code. QA Testers quickly assigned failed test cases back to the developers; ensuring defective code did not make it into production.

Technologies Used

  • Eggplant
  • Selenium
Case Study - QA Graphic Design.png
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Once the manual testing was complete, the QA Testers began creating and running automated regression scenarios for the client’s software. Automated scripts have reduced testing time by nearly 70%, saving the client time and money, ensuring software updates are rolled out on schedule.

The Results

Planet Technology’s Offshore QA Practice is now providing ongoing QA support for the client’s applications. Communicating via Slack and Skype, and bringing the QA Delivery Manager onsite as needed, this new, formalized QA process allows the client’s developers to fix defective code in a timely manner. The client was so satisfied that Planet Technology is now providing QA support for a new dashboard application, which allows the client’s internal team to quickly access reports, graphs and charts associated with specific customer projects.