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We specialize in helping businesses attract and retain top talent in the Core Technology, Enterprise Systems and Cybersecurity Sectors.

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Connecting Highly-Skilled Professionals to Companies in Need

As an award-winning talent acquisition firm, we've helped thousands of companies - from Fortune 500 powerhouses to cutting-edge start-ups - identify, attract, and recruit talented professionals.

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We Help You Find Talent

We are a highly-regarded technology staffing company that provides exceptional, personalized hiring services. We connect our clients to the best industry talent using our extensive recruitment network. Our recruiters go the extra mile for quality control and finding the perfect match for everyone involved.

It’s this commitment to excellence that keeps our clients and talent coming back for great new people and career opportunities.


Timing is crucial in the staffing industry. We deliver faster hiring services than our competitors without losing our commitment to quality. We focus on efficiency and streamlining our recruitment processes to deliver top results.


The reason why so many of our clients stick with us is that we’re good at what we do. We’re about people, not numbers. Creating healthy relationships between our clients and job candidates is our expertise.


We’ve been around long enough to work out the kinks. We’ve mastered our process and are not complacent. We keep up with industry trends and leverage flexible delivery models to assure each client gets the experience and service that's right for them.


We connect our clients with the most creative, qualified, and talented tech professionals in the industry. Our vetting process isn’t just about qualifications, but also about connecting the perfect match. We do our homework on candidates and utilize our network to weed out any bad apples.


When it comes to regulations, we keep a tight lid on what laws are applicable and should be followed. It’s important for us to stay well-versed on any updates for everyone involved.

What Our Clients Are Saying

The Planet Tech team is amazing! Our recruiter communicates along the way and keeps me up to date on my roles. Planet has been able to find us great candidates and I would highly recommend working with their team.

Megan S.

“Michael Griffin has taken the time to get to know me and my skills well enough that he will only contact me regarding prospects that would likely be a good fit. Michael has also been considerate enough to keep me updated regarding resumes that he submitted on my behalf.”

Michael G.

“Bob Alsop worked really hard on finding appropriate leads for me. All of the coordinating staff were incredibly helpful as well, with everything from interview preparation to helping me understand what each employer was seeking from potential candidates. The hiring process could not have gone smoother; it was an absolute pleasure working with Planet Technology. I’ve tried for quite some to find something that’s as good a fit as this, but Planet Technology hit it out of the park in less than a month. This has been one of the best hiring experiences I’ve ever had. 10/10 would recommend!”

Kevin W.

“I have worked with a few other recruitment firms in the past, but nothing compares to Planet Technology. Jamie Chafel is more than just a recruiter, he is a professional coach. Working with Jamie, I was unemployed for a mere two and a half weeks. The organization I work for now is a world-class company; the type of place one can build their career at. Jamie was a big part of getting me here. Thanks, Jamie!”

Marc D.

“Planet Technology is becoming known as the most honest and collaborative IT solutions provider to their clients, as well as one of the best contracting organizations to be a part of. I look forward to the opportunity to continuously contribute to their growth and reputation.”

Chris Van Helfteren

Our Suite of Solutions

We help employers engage with the labor market in the following ways:


Short term work can be very beneficial for both employers and job-seekers. Because of the reduced long term cost of contract work, employers can focus on making the most of their resources on a project to project basis.


Finding a contractor and then hiring them full-time is the perfect combination. Without the long term commitment on the front end of the employment relationship, employees can get right to work and get the ball rolling sooner.

Direct Hire

Bring someone onto your team that’s a great fit for the role. Our team of highly experienced and connected recruiters can make sure that both employers and job seekers have their needs met.

Payroll Support

Save time, money, and stay compliant with a skilled payroll support team. Our team of experts will be by your side making sure that you have the highest tier support throughout our relationship.

Project Resources

Sometimes, all you need is to bring in an outside perspective. Find a highly-skilled technologist for your business to help get you the resources you need for your next big project.


We want to help you maintain steady and efficient resourcing efforts project over project. Profitability and efficiency are our top priority for our working relationship.

Where We Operate

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