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Finding the perfect job can be stressful. Let us help by connecting you with the right people and the right roles.

Career Services We Offer

Planet Technology is an innovative and rapidly growing company. Our goal is to connect professionals with opportunities that will allow them to achieve their potential and develop a clear career path.
We strive to connect talent to the right position based on one's skills and the culture they are looking for. At Planet Technology, our customer base is comprised of clients from a variety of sectors, providing options to our candidates. Our placement options include contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire placement.

Contract Staffing Services

We understand the marketplace and critical skill-sets that are in high demand, especially for contracted employees. While many other staffing agencies pay their contract prospects little attention, we connect contracted talent to opportunities based on factors such as experience, communication style, personality, and more; giving our clients the right person for the job, every time.

At Planet Technology, we make sure that you receive only the highest-quality service while working with our recruitment team. From our executives to our administrative staff, our focus is always on our candidates and doing everything in our power to help make you successful to the mutual benefit of our clients.

Direct Hire Services

Identifying direct hire talent requires a different approach to recruitment. At Planet Technology, our strategy is to understand the culture and business environment you are seeking and create a personalized approach to finding the right opportunity, leveraging various recruitment techniques.

This streamlined approach allows our recruiters to focus on what’s most important: finding the best position for you. Through our direct hire process, we will work with you to understand what your career goals are and identify the right opportunities. Throughout the interview process, Planet Technology will work with you to ensure you are prepared. From negotiating an offer to providing helpful tips for your first day, Planet Technology will be available and attentive to any questions you may have.


In every industry we serve, hiring trends are dictated by studied timelines and can shift rapidly. Many times, our candidates reach out because they are looking for an opportunity to start work immediately, with the ultimate goal of becoming a permanent employee. Contract-to-hire allows you the flexibility to work with clients that might not be hiring at the time. You can determine if the environment is the right fit for you before committing to a permanent role.

If you’ve never considered Contract-to-Hire before, think about all the benefits. Hiring contract-to-hire employees can be much less time consuming than direct hire. Because there is less upfront commitment involved, you can skip the onboarding process and get right to work. When the time comes to evaluate performance down the line, both parties already know what they’re getting themselves into.