Why Planet Technology

We are passionate about finding the perfect candidate for your role.

At Planet Technology, Tech is Our Natural Language

It’s always important to use techniques that are time-tested. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. But it’s even better if you can leverage classic techniques with cutting-edge technology.

We use proprietary software and cloud-based solutions to optimize our recruiting process. It saves us time, it saves our clients’ time and results in an efficient and cost-effective time-to-fill.

Core Technology

Information Technology

Software Development

Technical Support

And More

Enterprise Systems

SAP Systems

Cloud Systems

CRM, HCM, EHR, ERP, and LIMS Systems

And More


Governance, Risk & Compliance

Cloud Security

Vulnerability Analysis

And More

Staffing is our art. It’s Our Science. It’s Our Life.

Only work with a company who has a track-record of success to back it up.

Stage one

We work with the client to scope their needs and bring our own insight to the table.

Stage Two

Our team utilizes our scale, contacts and technology to produce the best candidates available. This is always done in an expeditious manner, but without sacrificing quality.

Stage Three

We assist you during the interview and hiring process, saving you time and energy to easily meet your deadline.

We Continue to Succeed Because of Our Reputation

Between our legacy companies, we have served the tech industry for more than 100 years combined. Companies in our industry don’t survive that long without a deep understanding of the market and an outstanding reputation.

Clients consistently come back to us for help and advice regarding their technology talent needs. Contractors love working with us because we pay them on time, every time. This means they remain focused on completing their deliverables and meeting their deadlines.

It Really is All About Relationships

We all know those recruiters who deliver quick results for their clients at the expense of quality. They focus on numbers to boost their profits while clients get subpar candidates. This eventually leads to higher turnover and long-term hassle.

Here’s where we do things differently: we craft a relationship with our clients to understand everything about their business. When we know the client, we know their requirements, their needs, their tech stacks and their culture. Then, we go the extra mile to vet candidates that are a match from qualifications to tech languages to personality. It doesn’t matter if we’re scouting for individual candidates or onboarding large volumes of temporary staff. At Planet Technology, quality is paramount.