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Countless people choose Planet Technology because of our focus, network and passion. We want to get you in the right role and help you find the career of your dreams.

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Marketplace Assessment

Marketplace assessment is an ongoing process in which we track industry trends, events, and changing corporate needs. We look at the marketplace to find you the perfect role, without having to sacrifice any of your needs for the perfect job. The perfect job for you is out there, let us help you find it.

Interview Preparation

We help you prepare for that big interview so you go into the interview process feeling confident. Our experts know how to make your strengths shine so hiring managers know you are the right candidate for the job.

We are connected in the industry and offer insider information on company processes and what they’re all about. This saves you time on research and can be incredibly useful for making a strong first impression.

Negotiation Strategies

Get the salary you deserve with our expert negotiation strategies. The art of negotiation is a tried and true skill set that anyone can gain and deserves.

Negotiations for a job offer aren’t limited to your salary. We train our candidates with negotiation tactics that will help them become better negotiators, beyond just the job interview.


We help tailor your resume to the position and company at hand. Insider knowledge helps, and we know our clients remarkably well. We go the extra mile because it’s essential to find a mutual fit for both client and candidate. It’s what makes our business thrive.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our recruiters are experts when it comes to industry connections.


We have a finger on the pulse of the market: we know the industry trends, available talent levels, and hiring intricacies.
We’ve been in the industry long enough to become a trusted resource to the candidates we work with. We are always there to provide strategic advice and solid market insight.

We work with you to determine your market value so you get the compensation you deserve.


We are your coach for every step of the process, giving our candidates interview advice and valuable information along the way. We do the homework and give candidates insights into the business they’re applying for.

We understand factors such as our clients’ corporate culture, work-life balance, benefits, and talking points that truly give you an edge during the interview process. Candidates who took the time to understand the core values of a company from the inside have an advantage before they even enter the interview process.


When you work with Planet Technology, you’re taking advantage of our wealth of industry knowledge and interviewing expertise. We offer concrete, tailored advice for the position and company at hand.

A strong recruiter will do everything in their power to prepare you for the interview. That's why candidates should maximize their time with us to gain a competitive advantage.


We often work with candidates throughout their career. We’re in this for the long run and nurture long-term relationships with our clients and talent. We maintain a talent pool of exceptional candidates and continue to help with career development and new opportunities.

Once we know you, it’s easy for us to open new doors and pick up where we left off. We similarly work with our clients long-term. This makes it easy for us to match companies with candidates when we’ve worked together before and know their preferences and needs.


As industry veterans, we identify the intricacies, insights, and long-term trends of the trade. We provide our candidates access to a wealth of relationships and connections, essentially acting as their eyes and ears of the market.

Many professionals utilize recruiters to gain access to crucial coaching and strategic interview skills. This ranges from interview coaching to negotiation to resume assistance. On one level, it’s career coaching. We help candidates gain access to a range of opportunities that they might not have considered before.