Our Services

Comprehensive Technology staffing services designed to suit your needs.

Our Unique Approach to Tech Staffing

Are you tired of working with recruiters that throw you endless resumes of questionable quality? We would be also. That’s why Planet Technology maintains a robust screening process that expeditiously delivers top tech candidates.

Stronger quality, not endless quantity

We introduce you to the candidates that are most qualified and best suited for your positions. Our screening process is of the highest standard.

Best in Tech

Planet Technology utilizes cloud technology to screen candidates and optimize the search process. Who doesn’t enjoy quality control at a quantum level speed?

Applied Intelligence

We have a collective 100+ years of experience in the tech staffing industry. We know what makes hiring managers and companies tick. Understanding, anticipating, and meeting industry needs is our forte.

Technology staffing has a problem, let us be your solution

Believe it or not, 90% of hiring managers always report one thing: tech recruiters send them too many underqualified or mismatched candidates. They ultimately become overwhelmed and are forced to spend undue time on quality control.

That’s where we come in. We supply the best talent with diligent quality control standards in a timely manner.

We won’t pretend that we’re the only technology staffing company that upholds quality control; however, you won’t discover another with such a global network, with such attention to detail, and with a reputation that speaks for itself.

Our Award-Winning Services

Contract Technology Staffing

We’ve spearheaded a push for organizations to implement flexible staffing models. Contract Technology Staffing can aid firms in a variety of manners. For instance, in the project-centered IT & Software fields, companies can assist core teams with outsourced talent without the obligation of a full-time hire. This is additionally effective when utilizing contract-consulting models which allow the firm to access and apply expertise in a cost-efficient manner. We’ve seen it all in this field and know how to find you the perfect fit.

Contract Resources

Are you looking for a strategic vision? Do you need guidance for a certain project without breaking your budget? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Planet Technology offers strategic services on a contract basis. We define factors such as project scope, timeline, and deliverables with a statement of work. It’s vital having an efficient and productive relationship to maximize output.

Workday Implementation, Advisory and Talent Solutions

As Workday's only Global Staffing Partner for North America and Europe, Planet Technology is your connection to the best and brightest Workday consultants. Our unique Workday partnership gives us access to a wide range of Workday professionals from across the ecosystem with the knowledge of what it takes to ensure your success. We help customers throughout various industries get the most out of their Workday tenants.


This is an increasingly popular option for our clients. Contract-to-hire staffing solutions are ideal for testing a mutual fit between company and candidate. Our people include a bevy of contract-to-hire experts who know how to find the right talent and positively impact your cash flow.


You’ve realized that it’s time for payroll support. You need to delegate the brunt of the work but keep control of the process. This is where we help. Our payroll model is a collaboration between us and our client. We manage hiring, paperwork, work issues, and more. They establish the roles and boundaries of the deal. They save themselves time while maintaining control of the process. Planet Technology believes it’s possible to make payroll easy.

Direct Hire

It’s very true that a direct hire is an investment. Recruitment and onboarding are a costly and time-intensive process. Each employee is an asset and companies always seek to find people that will be there long-term. We methodically screen and inspect references on every candidate we present. Our clients receive only the most qualified candidates for the interview stage.

Managed Services

We have a wealth of experience managing non-permanent employee hiring. This concerns contractors, temporary workers, consultants and other freelance employees. This is fantastic for our clients who want a chance to delegate the many functions involved with the contingent worker hiring and management process. They leave the heavy lifting to us while maintaining control over the operation via a mutually defined statement of work.