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Enterprise Update: JD Edwards

The importance of having the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your company couldn’t be clearer. While these systems are highly advanced, they need talented technology experts and projects solutions to support their ever-changing needs, implementations, or upgrades. Today, we will focus on JD Edwards hiring trends and expanding module expertise.

The top roles that companies are hiring JD Edwards experts are still the same key roles that we have seen for the last two years. With that said, areas of expertise within the modules have seen the need for experts within the financial module grow recently. Experience in manufacturing continues to be a need for organizations. Companies are leaner in a lot of areas and are using this time to clean up their processes, reports, and their system.

Key Findings In JD Edwards Include:

Top five JD Edwards job titles placed over the past year were:

  • JD Edwards Business Analysts (Technical and Functional)
  • JD Edwards Project Managers
  • JD Edwards Developers
  • JD Edwards System Engineers
  • JD Edwards CNC

A quick survey of our network revealed some insight into the challenges companies are facing when hiring in 2023. 37% said that slow internal hiring processes was their biggest challenge.

75.4% of JD Edwards placements in the past year were permanent placements.

72% of placements were remote positions, 28% in-office.

A recent Enterprise Candidate survey showed that 16% of job seekers consider company culture as one of the most important factors when considering a new job.

Hiring JD Edwards talent with financial module experience can help companies to better leverage the capabilities of the software, optimize financial processes and ensure compliance.

Christine Belmonte, Executive Vice President Planet Technology

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