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Enterprise Update: Epic

The importance of having the right Electronic Health Record (EHR) system for your company couldn’t be clearer. While these systems are highly advanced, talented technology experts and projects solutions are required to support the ever-changing upgrades, implementations, and maintenance. Today, we will focus on happenings with Epic EHR, providing key insights and opportunities within the market, job titles in demand and upcoming trends and statistics.

Trends in the Market 

Planet Technology has seen a high demand for certified Epic professionals such as managers, analysts, and trainers. Our resources allow healthcare organizations to establish expertise in this growing, niche market and enhance their EHR system. Because of this increase in demand, we have noticed that a lot of candidates are seeking long-term contract engagements or full-time employment.

We have also noticed that the landscape of healthcare is witnessing a trend where larger healthcare systems are increasingly acquiring other hospital systems, thereby triggering a surge in the need for standardization or the implementation of new Epic systems. However, amidst this transformation, financial constraints loom large as budgets remain tight, compounded by high interest rates, inflationary pressures, and the cessation of government COVID subsidies. In this scenario, the quest for the right candidate becomes all the more crucial, emphasizing the significance of individuals who can add substantial value to the team.

Notably, Epic Systems’ significance has been further underscored by its approval for onboarding to the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement—a new framework for health information exchange. The consistent excellence of Epic Systems was highlighted in the 2023 Best in KLAS Awards, where it secured the top position as the overall best health IT software suite for the 13th consecutive year, affirming its unparalleled status in the industry.

The Integration of Generative AI in Healthcare

The Healthcare IT sector is also witnessing a revolution fueled by technological advancements. Electronic Health Records (EHRs) systems such as Epic play pivotal roles in enhancing patient care, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

The integration of Generative AI into Epic EHR has revolutionized healthcare operations. GPT-4 and similar large language models integrated into Epic have empowered teams to streamline tasks, allowing them to concentrate on pivotal initiatives. From drafting patient responses to summarizing events for nursing handoffs and clinic visits, Epic’s Generative AI has demonstrated substantial efficiency gains. Currently deployed in various health systems worldwide, over 60 projects are underway, signifying a growing reliance on AI-driven functionalities to optimize healthcare workflows. For instance, recent reports by PwC show that 43% of businesses are upskilling and are putting into action learning strategies for employees, with AI as part of the agenda.

Moreover, the surge in demand for professionals skilled in AI, Generative AI, EHR systems, and cloud infrastructure management is evident, with roles like AI Solution Architects witnessing a significant surge in demand within the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations seek talent adept in deploying, managing, and optimizing AI-integrated systems to elevate operational efficiency, patient care, and overall system functionality.

More to Epic’s growth, Health Minister Christian Dubé announced that Quebec has selected Epic Systems Corporation to develop the infrastructure for its ambitious digital health record project. This system aims to improve access to patient information, enhance data sharing, reduce paperwork for medical and administrative staff, and streamline bureaucratic tasks. The new pilot project is aimed to be rolled out in two regions by 2024.

What Candidates are Saying

A quick survey of our network revealed some key insights into what candidates are saying that keep them at their current place of work. 34% said the option to work remotely was their top reason, followed by 30% that appreciated the flexibility of their current organization, 19% appreciate their current manager or team members, and 17% said they liked the current projects they were working on.  

Key Findings in Healthcare IT

The demand for Healthcare IT software has created a surge in job opportunities, and some roles are especially sought after. Based on recent date, the top 8 Healthcare IT job titles placed over the past year include:  

  • ClinDoc Analysts 
  • Radiant Analysts 
  • AI System Analysts 
  • Instructional Designers
  • Principal Trainers  
  • Reporting Analysts 
  • Healthy Planet Analysts 
  • Resolute Analysts  

Healthcare IT is in a transformative phase, embracing AI integration into systems like Epic. Generative AI, exemplified by GPT-4 in Epic, streamlines operations and underscores the industry’s shift toward AI-driven workflows. Upskilling in AI is on the rise, reflecting the growing demand for skilled professionals.

Christine Belmonte, Executive Vice President

The significance of an effective EHR system in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape cannot be overstated. As highlighted through the insights shared on Epic EHR, the demand for skilled professionals in this niche market, particularly those well-versed in managing, implementing, and optimizing Epic systems, continues to surge. The integration of Generative AI, such as GPT-4, within Epic’s framework has revolutionized healthcare operations, emphasizing the industry’s pivot towards AI-driven workflows to enhance efficiency and patient care. This evolution in healthcare IT brings forth a host of job opportunities, with roles like AI Solution Architects and various analysts specializing in different facets of EHR systems gaining substantial traction. 

About Planet Technology

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