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Enterprise Update: Epicor 2024 Jobs Report

Understanding the critical importance of the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is essential for modern businesses. These complex systems necessitate the support of skilled technology experts for continuous updates, implementations, and enhancements. Our latest jobs report takes a look at Epicor hiring trends, the expanding Role of an AI-driven ERP system, Epicor’s 2024.1 release of Kinetic, key findings, and insights.

Achieving Revenue Milestones with AI and Cloud Solutions

Epicor surpassed $1 billion in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in 2024, demonstrating its successful transition to cloud-based subscription services. The company’s focus on AI and cloud innovations, including cognitive ERP, has driven this growth. In fiscal year 2023, Epicor saw a 42% year-over-year increase in SaaS-based cloud revenue, with 70% of new customers opting for subscription-based services​​​ (Epicor)​.

What’s new in Release 2024.1 of Kinetic

Epicor’s latest Kinetic 2024.1 release introduces several new features and enhancements aimed at improving efficiency and user experience:

  • Epicor Field Service Management: This new cloud solution helps service organizations manage mobile resources, reduce billing turnaround times, and optimize technician placement​ (Epicor Growth)​.
  • Connected Process Control: A no-code/low-code system that integrates process control with digital instructions to maximize quality and throughput​ (Epicor Growth)​.
  • Core Kinetic Enhancements: Improved data entry flow, fewer navigation clicks, and updates to time-phased inquiry, RMA creation, and MRP processes​ (Epicor Growth)​.
  • Extended Solutions: Enhancements to Epicor Automation Studio, ECM user interface, FP&A, and CPQ to provide more comprehensive functionality and integration​ (Epicor Growth)​.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of placements were permanent placements over the past year at 54%, while contract placements were at 46%.
  • 84% of successfully filled positions were remote while 16% required employees to be in office.

Top 5 Jobs Placed Over the Past Year:

  • Epicor Developer: Design, develop, and implement customizations and integrations for Epicor ERP systems to enhance business processes and efficiency.
  • Epicor ERP Analyst: Analyze and optimize Epicor ERP system performance, providing support and solutions to meet business requirements.
  • Epicor Eclipse ERP Analyst: Provide specialized analysis and support for Epicor Eclipse ERP, focusing on system improvements and user training.
  • Epicor ERP Specialist: Manage and support Epicor ERP implementations and upgrades, ensuring seamless integration and user adoption.
  • Prophet 21 Technical/Functional Specialist: Offer technical and functional expertise for Prophet 21 ERP, guiding system implementation and process optimization.

At Planet Technology, we recognize the significant impact these innovations have on the demand for skilled technology professionals. Our mission is to connect top-tier talent with these cutting-edge opportunities, ensuring businesses can leverage these powerful tools to drive efficiency and growth. As Epicor continues to innovate with AI-driven and cloud-based solutions, the demand for skilled technology experts to support these systems is higher than ever.

Executive Vice President, Christine Belmonte

The evolving landscape of ERP systems, exemplified by Epicor’s advancements in AI and cloud-based solutions, underscores the necessity for highly skilled technology professionals. Our report highlights the increasing demand for experts who can navigate these complex systems, ensuring seamless updates, implementations, and enhancements. With Epicor’s impressive growth in SaaS-based cloud revenue and the innovative features in the latest Kinetic 2024.1 release, businesses are well-positioned to enhance efficiency and user experience. At Planet Technology, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between top talent and pioneering opportunities, empowering businesses to fully harness the potential of cutting-edge ERP solutions for sustained success.

About Planet Technology

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