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Enterprise Update: IFS

Understanding the critical importance of the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is essential for modern businesses. These complex systems necessitate the support of skilled technology experts for continuous updates, implementations, and enhancements. Our latest jobs report delves into the IFS market hiring trends, its use of AI to improve ERP solutions, and insights.

Navigating Change with Innovative Vision

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, we are seeing that IFS has been leading the way in navigating shifts and fostering innovation within the enterprise software market. The company’s robust growth, at 33% in 2023, and transformative initiatives underscore its commitment to excellence. Mark Moffat’s appointment as CEO has further invigorated the company’s expansion strategy.

AI Initiatives with IFS.AI

Building on its legacy of innovation, IFS is set to amplify its AI capabilities in 2024 through comprehensive initiatives. These initiatives are aimed at revolutionizing how businesses interact with enterprise software, with a strong focus on predictive analytics, automation, and enhancing user experience.

IFS predicts that AI will drive altogether new, smarter use cases, transforming the way services are delivered. This shift is expected to create significant opportunities for businesses to enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and deliver superior customer experiences.

Beyond just transforming services, IFS is also focused on democratizing access to AI for all enterprises. The goal is to make AI just another tool in the toolbox to solve business problems, increasing its adoption year over year.

  • Predictive Maintenance Powered by AI: Leveraging AI algorithms, IFS plans to enhance predictive maintenance capabilities. This will allow businesses to reduce downtime and maintenance costs by proactively identifying equipment that is likely to fail.
  • AI-Driven Customer Insights: By harnessing the power of AI to analyze customer data, aims to provide businesses with deeper insights into customer behavior, preferences, and patterns. This information can be used to personalize customer experiences and improve satisfaction.
  • Automated Business Processes: is set to streamline operations through automation of routine tasks and processes. This not only enhances efficiency but also allows human resources to focus on complex, value-add activities.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making with AI-powered Analytics: is introducing advanced analytics tools that empower businesses with actionable insights, driving data-driven decision-making across all levels of the organization.

Key IFS Findings:

  • A quick survey of our network revealed some key insights into what candidates are saying when it comes to looking for a new position. 63% are actively looking, 34% are passively looking, and 3% are not looking for new positions.
  • While the majority of placements were contract over the past year at 71%, 29% were permanent placements.
  • 100% of placements were remote.
chart showing IFS job orders

Top 5 Jobs Placed Over the Past Year:

  • IFS Business Analyst: Analyzes business processes and requirements to implement and enhance IFS ERP systems, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.
  • IFS Technical Resource: Provides expertise in the configuration, customization, and optimization of IFS applications to meet specific client needs.
  • IFS Finance Resource: Specializes in the financial modules of IFS, advising on best practices and assisting with the financial management aspects of the ERP system.
  • IFS Support Specialist: Offers technical support and troubleshooting for IFS applications, ensuring reliable system performance and user satisfaction.
  • IFS Technical Developer: Focuses on the design, development, and deployment of customized solutions within the IFS ERP environment, utilizing programming skills for system enhancements.

Planet Technology is at the forefront of providing talented individuals for IFS roles. Our latest IFS Jobs Report showcases our ability to not only understand the evolving trends in the IFS job market but also successfully place candidates in these roles. We are dedicated to connecting businesses with the right talent, ensuring a seamless fit that drives mutual growth and success.

Christine Belmonte, Executive Vice President

The shift towards remote work, the rise of contract roles, and the focus on AI-driven solutions reflect how IFS is staying ahead of industry trends and shaping the future of work. As we continue to navigate the evolving landscape, these insights will be invaluable in guiding our strategies and ensuring we meet the needs of both businesses and professionals. The appointment of Mark Moffat as CEO and the company’s continued investment in AI initiatives underscore IFS’s commitment to innovation and growth. Looking forward, we anticipate further exciting developments and opportunities within the IFS ecosystem.

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