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Enterprise Update: NetSuite

The importance of having the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your company couldn’t be clearer. While these systems are highly advanced, they need talented technology experts and project solutions to support their ever-changing needs, implementations, or upgrades. Today, we will focus on NetSuite ERP and dive into key insights and opportunities within the market, explore top job titles in demand, upcoming trends and statistics, as well as insights from SuiteWorld 2023.

The NetSuite market has recently witnessed a noteworthy shift, with companies reevaluating and reviving projects previously on hold, indicating a renewed focus and investment in these initiatives. This renewed interest signifies a positive outlook, with businesses revisiting strategies and seeking to leverage NetSuite’s capabilities in streamlining operations. Additionally, there’s a surge in project work, indicating a heightened demand for contractors with NetSuite expertise to assist in the implementation and management of these systems.

Planet Technology also recently attended SuiteWorld, which had some very insightful information on the upcoming releases for 2024. There are some very exciting things on the horizon for NetSuite, one of which is the idea of “Suiteness”, whereas the platform encompasses all aspects of a company’s business. This ideology coupled with their upcoming AI strategy is going to help forecast all aspects of their business easily and efficiently, better than ever before. These AI data sets will be pulled from their own company, as well as have data sets that are pulled from other similar companies for comparison. These are just a few major takeaways from the conference, as everything that was discussed reiterates the ever expanding reach of NetSuite, as well as consistently continuing to innovate and develop the platform more robustly for their clients.

The world of Enterprise Resource Planning software is on an impressive growth trajectory. Market reports and statistics paint a picture of a thriving industry that is expected to transform the business landscape in the coming years. We’ll delve into charts and statistics that provide valuable insights into the NetSuite ERP market, job opportunities, and upcoming trends.

NetSuite Job Orders

Where Candidates Look for NetSuite Opportunities

A quick survey of our network revealed some insight into what candidates are saying are the top job boards they utilize during their job search. 52% of respondents rely on LinkedIn, 29% prefer Indeed, 14% reach out to recruiters, and 6% explore Dice.

Key Findings in NetSuite

The demand for NetSuite ERP software has created a surge in job opportunities, and some roles are especially sought after. Based on recent data, the top 5 NetSuite job titles placed over the past year include:

  • NetSuite Developers
  • NetSuite Manufacturing Consultants/ Supply Chain Consultants
  • NetSuite Project Managers
  • NetSuite ARM/ SuiteBilling Consultants
  • NetSuite Administrators

In today’s dynamic business landscape, having the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is critical. The NetSuite ERP sector is booming, creating high demand for specific job titles like NetSuite Developers, Manufacturing Consultants, Project Managers, ARM Consultants, and Supply Chain Consultants.

– Christine Belmonte, Executive Vice President Planet Technology

Explosive Growth in the ERP Market

The Global Enterprise Resource Planning Market is booming, with an expected valuation of over $49.50 billion by 2027, as per Market Research Engine. But what’s even more astounding is the surge in companies seeking to either acquire, upgrade, or update their ERP systems. According to Technology Evaluation Centers, a staggering 50% of companies are planning to make changes to their ERP systems in the near future.

The growth doesn’t stop here. predicts that the ERP Software Market will witness substantial expansion, with a value estimated at around $136.1 billion by 2032. This growth is attributed to a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.5% during the forecast period from 2023 to 2032. These statistics indicate that ERP software is becoming increasingly indispensable for businesses of all sizes.

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Several factors are driving the remarkable expansion of the ERP market. One of the most prominent is the rapid adoption of cloud and mobile applications. These technologies are reshaping the ERP landscape, making it more accessible and adaptable for businesses. Small and medium-sized enterprises are also embracing ERP software, particularly cloud-based solutions, to enhance their operations and stay competitive in a fast-paced business environment.

With the surge in companies seeking to acquire, upgrade or implement NetSuite ERP, Planet Technology can help businesses of all sizes and industries to optimize their processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. We can provide permanent or contract staffing solutions to help you with every stage of your NetSuite project, from planning and design to implementation and support. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your business goals with NetSuite ERP.

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