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Enterprise Update: Oracle

The importance of having the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your company couldn’t be clearer. While these systems are highly advanced, they need talented technology experts and projects solutions to support their ever-changing needs, implementations, or upgrades. Today, we will focus on the Oracle Hiring Trends, the impact of AI, updates from the Healthcare and Higher Education space, and candidate insights.

Oracle Database 23c’s AI Integration

Oracle’s latest release, Oracle Database 23c, highlighting its introduction of AI vector search features and enhancements in data mining and machine learning capabilities. Oracle aims to empower developers by seamlessly integrating AI functionalities into the database, focusing on efficient handling of unstructured data like images, documents, and videos. The vector search features introduce a native Vector datatype, optimized indexing for similarity searches, SQL functions, and operators for easier manipulation of vector data within the database.

Additionally, Oracle Database 23c includes improvements in data mining algorithms, integrating with Generative AI, Large Language Models (LLMs), and enabling natural language interaction with the database. These enhancements aim to simplify analytical model creation, improve predictive accuracy, and leverage AI models while accessing database data. Notably, the article emphasizes Oracle’s plan to integrate generative AI and LLMs, providing exciting possibilities for AI-driven applications.

Oracle’s 23c release signifies a substantial step toward integrating AI into databases, capitalizing on Oracle’s established reputation for high availability, performance, and security. The integration of vector search within the Oracle Database is seen as a game-changer, allowing enterprises to deploy AI applications with the database’s reliability and performance. The analyst emphasizes Oracle’s pivotal role in enterprise digital transformation, highlighting its continued strength in powering critical business applications for decades and its potential to persist in the future.

Oracle’s Healthcare Revolution

In a recent earnings call, Larry Ellison, Oracle’s Chief Technology Officer, discussed the company’s strategic plans for the healthcare sector, particularly focusing on transitioning Cerner’s Millennium customers to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Ellison outlined a phased approach to overhaul Cerner’s Millennium system by gradually upgrading and modernizing its components, aiming to make various features available in 2024.

The transition to OCI involves integrating new features and capabilities for Millennium users, with a target of migrating around half of the Millennium customer base to OCI by February. Simultaneously, Oracle is expanding the Millennium suite by introducing new products tailored for public health, such as offerings for national and state health departments, pharmaceutical companies, hospital inventory management, and workforce tools.

Furthermore, Oracle has been developing the Health Data Intelligence Platform, initially recognized as Cerner HealtheIntent, an initiative born from Cerner and now undergoing substantial development under Oracle’s direction. This platform, designed for public health applications, focuses on managing population-scale public health data and is expected to be finalized by the following calendar year.

Ellison emphasized Oracle’s commitment to providing a comprehensive range of products for the entire healthcare ecosystem, targeting payers, governments, insurance companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical and research firms, as well as national and state-level public health departments. He highlighted the significant market expansion Oracle aims to achieve compared to Cerner’s previous footprint, signaling confidence in Cerner’s potential as a growth story within Oracle’s broader healthcare strategy.

Oracle Student’s Student-Centric Solution

Amid dynamic changes in higher education and evolving student expectations, Oracle Student offers a comprehensive solution. It empowers students by providing tools for managing their academic journeys, aiding in curriculum planning, financial aid packaging, and real-time insights. The implementation of Oracle Student aligns with institutions’ goals to offer innovative pathways to student-centric learning.

Oracle Student’s features include integrated dashboards supporting various higher education structures, such as consortia, multi-institution degrees, and exchange programs. Its student-first design automates routine tasks and simplifies financial aid processes, enabling faculty and staff to devote more time to student engagement.

Vivian Wong, Oracle’s Group Vice President for Higher Education Development, highlighted the student-centric approach in Oracle Student’s design, emphasizing the solution’s alignment with customer needs and commitment to transforming the student experience.

The quarterly release cycle of Oracle Student provides institutions with agility and flexibility to meet evolving student expectations. Moreover, its architecture supports lifelong learning, catering not only to undergraduate programs but also to non-traditional programs, ensuring students acquire relevant skills for successful post-graduate outcomes.

What Candidates are Saying

A quick survey of our network revealed some key insights into what candidates are saying when it comes to looking for a new position. 63% are actively looking, 34% are passively looking, and 3% are not looking for new positions.

Key Findings in Oracle

The top five job titles requested over the past year were:

  • Oracle Cloud Change Management Leads: Professionals responsible for guiding organizational transitions to Oracle Cloud platforms.
  • Oracle Cloud ARCS Developers: Experts proficient in developing and customizing solutions using Oracle Cloud’s Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS).
  • Oracle Cloud Payroll Consultants: Skilled consultants specializing in Oracle Cloud Payroll systems, providing guidance and implementation support to optimize payroll processes.
  • Oracle Cloud Talent Management Leads: Leaders overseeing the implementation and management of Oracle Cloud Talent Management solutions.
  • Oracle Supply Chain Management Consultants: Consultants well-versed in Oracle’s Supply Chain Management applications, offering expertise in implementing and optimizing supply chain solutions.

Oracle’s continued dedication to advancing ERP systems aligns with our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet dynamic business needs. As we focus on the latest in Oracle Database 23c and its integration of AI capabilities, the pivotal transition of Cerner’s Millennium to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and the transformative impact of Oracle Student in higher education, we’re committed to empowering businesses and educational institutions alike.

Christine Belmonte, Executive Vice President, Planet Technology

In this comprehensive analysis of Oracle’s groundbreaking initiatives across various sectors, we witness a pivotal moment in technology and education. Oracle’s relentless pursuit of innovation is evident in its database revolution with Oracle Database 23c, introducing AI integration for unprecedented functionality. Additionally, the strategic overhaul of Cerner’s Millennium system and the development of Oracle Student for higher education underscore Oracle’s commitment to driving transformative change.

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