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Enterprise Update: Oracle

The importance of having the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your company couldn’t be clearer. While these systems are highly advanced, they need talented technology experts and projects solutions to support their ever-changing needs, implementations, or upgrades. Today, we will focus on the Oracle Hiring Trends for Supply Chain and Finance in both Cloud and E-Business Suite in Manufacturing and Payroll in Higher Education and Healthcare.

In the higher education and healthcare space, there has been increased demand for Oracle Cloud Payroll resources. This is partly due to the shift in where companies have found which technologies support their needs and are not solely running on Oracle any longer.

As for manufacturing, the climb and demand for supply chain management and finance resources has been steadily growing since the pandemic. E-Business has slowed down but is moving strongly in the manufacturing space.

Key findings in the insurance industry include:

Top five job titles requested were:

  • Oracle Cloud OIC/ VBS Technical Resource
  • Oracle Technical Conversion Resource
  • Oracle Cloud Financials
  • Oracle Cloud/ OIC VBCS Resource
  • Oracle Cloud EPM/ FCCS Lead

A quick survey of our network revealed some insight into the challenges companies are facing when hiring in 2023. 30% said that skills mismatch was their biggest challenge.

97% of Oracle placements in the past year were contract placements.

The importance of having your Oracle Cloud infrastructure and application environment running to its maximum potential will help your business improve efficiencies, productivity, enhance data management, and the ability to adapt to changing business needs.

Christine Belmonte,
Executive Vice President Planet Technology

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