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Spotlight on: Andrew Dodsworth

We’re highlighting some of the amazing people who make up our Planet. Today, let’s get to know Andrew Dodsworth with our Planet Technology team.

What made you interested in working at Planet Technology?

The people. We have one of the most unique cultures of any company that I’ve ever worked with. The people I work with are now very close friends and are even like family. This is hard to find in today’s world, so it means a great deal to me!

Favorite part of the workday?

My favorite part of the workday is getting to hear all of the different scenarios that the staffing industry throws at you and being able to navigate these individually. It makes it so that no day is like another!

Career Highlights

My career highlight would be that this position has allowed me to provide for my family in ways that I never thought possible. This has allowed for exponential growth in both my personal and professional life!

In one sentence, describe why someone should consider a career at Planet Technology.

Potential for exponential personal and professional growth!

Why does Planet’s business model lead to success?

Ultimately, they are about the people that work for them. This makes the company’s workforce give 110% because they know that Planet Technology has their back!

Where do you think your career can progress?

I think my career can progress anywhere I want it to! Our leadership team is excellent when it comes to having “what do you want to do” type of conversations. They really take care of their people and provide a very clear path to the next tier of professional growth.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

I would go back to Germany. I spent time there in my teenage years and it was one of the best times of my life! I would absolutely love to go back one day!

One thing my candidates / clients don’t know about me is…

I am an avid action movie buff! Put anything with Schwarzenegger or Van Damme on the TV and I’m not moving until it’s finished. Even if I’ve seen it a thousand times!

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