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Spotlight On: Mark Bonachea

We’re highlighting some of the amazing people who make up our Planet. Today, let’s get to know Mark Bonachea with our Planet Technology Workday Team.

How long have you been with Planet Technology?

I started with Planet Technology in May of 2022. My career has led me through various leadership roles at Workday Partners within the Workday Eco-system. These roles have prepared me for the challenges and successes I am seeing while in my role here at Planet Technology.

How have you grown in your career with Planet Technology?

I have spent most of my career, 20+ years, in large scale ERP Consulting Services. Since joining Planet Technology, I have learned quite a bit about the differences and similarities between consulting services and staff augmentation. I think our organization has done a fantastic job in adapting and merging the two types of services this year with the addition of Workday Production Services.

What originally got you interested in working here?

I was very impressed with the existing team and their focus on the Workday Partnership. I felt there was so much potential to grow the Workday Consultant Network into a Global organization and Services organization. All of these factors made the opportunity to lead this group to hard to pass up.

What is your favorite part of the workday?

Well staying in the “Workday” eco-system every workday is certainly a part of it. I would also say interacting with all the different Sales and Recruiting teams daily makes every day very interesting.

What has been your career highlights at Planet Technology so far?

I think being able to work directly with Workday’s Alliance team to expand our Workday Partnership and change the way that we do business in the Workday eco-system.

What advice would you give to individuals looking to enter the recruitment industry?.

My advice is simple “Once you realize that ‘The only constant in life is change’ everything will seem easier”. Our organization is constantly changing and growing in a fast-paced fun environment that helps customers succeed. If this is something you strive for, I would give recruiting a second look.

Why do you think the Planet Technology model makes our business so successful?

I think the strong team has refined our model and continues to do so every day. This constant refinement ensures that Planet will consistently be ahead of the competition.

How supportive has Planet Technology been in allowing you to achieve your own personal goals?

The team and leadership are extremely supportive on my ideas and business cases. The culture also leads to all ideas across our group to be considered.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?

My bucket list contains several destinations with wonders of the ancient world including Egypt, China, and Peru.  

One thing my clients don’t know about me is…

I am Classic Car enthusiast and I drive a 1962 Lincoln Continental Sedan!

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