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Many employers have offered additional benefits and perks as a way of supporting employees through the Coronavirus pandemic. Google, who recently announced that their workforce will be working remotely throughout 2021, has decided to give workers a stipend to create an ideal home office—complete with new desks and ergonomic furniture. Other companies have decided to implement employee perks such as virtual childcare and employee wellness programs.

If you are looking for additional incentives to offer during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are 4 employee perks to consider.

Implement Mental Health & Employee Wellness Programs

Employers who offer mental health support programs report lower levels of employee stress, increased productivity, and higher levels of employee performance.  According to Forbes, employers can support employee wellbeing by implementing a few simple policies. These include having open communication, regular check-ins with employees, and creating an open and honest environment. Employers can also offer mental health services, such as counseling and subscriptions to wellness apps.

Provide Support to Working Parents

Millions of working parents are having to face the realities of balancing a remote work schedule while taking care of their children. According to Yahoo News, “Of the employed mothers surveyed, 81% said they need childcare to be able to work, but over half (51%) do not have the necessary childcare in place to enable them to do their job.”

Companies that offer support to working parents will see reduced employee stress levels and an overall increase in productivity. A few ways you can support your employees is by offering flexible work hours, providing virtual babysitting, having kid-focused subscription boxes, providing childcare-related expenses, etc.   

Offer Entertainment, Delivery, and Subscription Services

Offering subscriptions to everyday services is a fun and creative way to support employee wellbeing during uncertain times. Unconventional perks like Netflix or Hulu subscriptions, UberEats gift cards, grocery delivery, and charity donations, cost much less than traditional benefits and can often be just as meaningful to workers. Offering everyday perks can also help employees feel appreciated and promotes work-life balance.  

Give Employees Increased Flexibility & Autonomy

One perk that many employers are offering throughout the pandemic is increased flexibility. Allowing employees to flex their hours, take days off as needed, work on the weekends, and take advantage of a hybrid work approach can help to relieve pandemic-related stressors. Giving employees the flexibility and autonomy to create their schedules is also linked to increased job satisfaction and higher levels of employee productivity. According to a survey by Zenefit, 73% of employees said flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction and 78% agreed that it also made them more productive.

We hope these 4 tips help you while adjusting your employee benefits and incentives to support your team. If you are currently in need of skilled candidates and would like to learn more about our recruitment process, please request talent here

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