Case Studies

Data and Cloud Consultants Increase Ad Revenue for Media Company

Planet Technology was engaged by the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world, with offices in six states and residential and commercial customers in more than forty. Planet Technology delivered subject matter experts in Big Data and Cloud Technologies who built a data platform on AWS cloud architecture from scratch with custom analytics utilizing Tableau and Looker.

Key Challenges

The Goal: revolutionize Linear TV advertising to provide audience-based targeted ads similar to streaming

This required building the next generation Data Platform to provide better advertising targeting, to increase advertising revenue, and increase audience reach. The data gathered by the new platform would allow advertisers to specifically target audiences for their products and services, thus creating higher demand for the advertising space for the global media organization. To do this, it was necessary for the platform to be able to ingest and manage terabytes of data on a daily basis in a cost-effective way.


Planet Technology consultants successfully processed around 10TB of viewership data across the US. Using complex logic, viewership data was mapped with customers’ attributes and third party data to identify the user viewership behavior across micro segments of customer demographic groups. The ranking of channels, network, and day-part combination data was provided to the marketing team to maximize the price for premium advertisement slots. This new layer of data analysis also provided insights on actual customer response behavior on each individual advertisement and makes it possible to see clear behavioral trends at a high-level.


  • Increased Ad Revenue: New capabilities in linear TV advertising improved profitability.
  • Big Data Processing: Established practices for processing large amounts of data.
  • Audience Insights: Deeper insight into consumer viewing patterns maximized advertising effectiveness.
  • Cost Effective Platform

Photo Credit: Canva