Case Studies

Enhanced System Postproduction for local Atlanta Hospital

The Client

A Workday healthcare managing partner approached Planet Technology to help a well-known Atlanta-based hospital with their system postproduction. They needed help boosting their internal support by leveraging external resources to build upon the system initially implemented, as it was causing delays and didn’t have a streamlined process. This work was based around postproduction, enhancement, and optimization.

The Solution

After speaking with the client and having a discovery call to understand their needs, the SCM Consultants and Integration Developers were able to optimize and enhance the client’s system to better fit their business and streamline internal processes. This allows the client to develop their system further as they are reaching a stable state with the resources provided.

We were able to successfully identify 3 resources within 72 hours to be interviewed for the open role. All the interviews were conducted within 5 days, and we successfully filled the hospitals’ needs for a 12-month resource.

The Results

As a result of this engagement, the client has continually come back for additional support. Since the initial placement at the Atlanta-based hospital, Planet Technology’s Workday practice has placed 2 additional Workday resources and is providing Workday contract resources to the client on an ongoing basis.

All roles placed have been long term, so the contract resources will be critical for team members to support the hospital moving forward by helping to streamline their processes, enhance, and optimize their Workday system.

Photo Credit: Canva