Case Studies

Enterprise Team Recruits Resources for Infor Implementation

The client is a material science company whose products are found in a range of consumer commodities. Founded nearly a century ago, the client has scaled into several product lines, including plastics, vinyl, rubber, and more. Their team of engineers and sophisticated analytical and technical labs are committed to developing new products to solve society’s most difficult challenges.

The Challenge

The client had embarked on an Infor M3 implementation in an effort to keep pace with evolving technology. The new system upgrade was a better fit for their specific manufacturing environment, granting them greater visibility into their organization as a whole.

The client was working closely with an implementation partner to meet their enterprise goals. However, they were unable to recruit the necessary resources on their end to move the project over the finish line. As such, the client decided to bring on a staffing firm to help them accelerate their recruitment and  M3 implementation efforts.

The Solution

In the past this client worked with Planet Professional to staff accounting positions within their organization. Understanding Planet’s breadth of expertise, the client’s leadership connected with Planet’s enterprise team by way of Planet Professional for assistance in recruiting these critical implementation resources.

The enterprise team had a gradual approach to the project. Planet Technology was able to quickly fill a critical contracting position, and the resource had been so effective that the client had decided to then open multiple job orders with the firm. In that time Planet’s enterprise team has filled multiple contract and perm positions in roles such as:

  • Infor M3 Developers
  • Infor M3 StreamServe
  • Infor M3 Project Managers
  • Database Developers

The Results

To date the client has offered contract extensions to all Planet resources working on the implementation. Initially these extensions were 90 days, but the candidates have proved so indispensable that they have now received 6 month contracts. The client’s Infor M3 implementation is now on schedule and is slated for completion in Q3 2023.

Photo Credit: Canva