Case Studies

National Business Firm Establishes Cybersecurity Team

The Client

A national business firm for healthcare services focusing on behavioral solutions and social service businesses approached Planet Technology to help implement a cybersecurity program for their client. They needed help to get their project timeline on schedule by establishing an information security team to meet mandated government compliance for sensitive healthcare data.

The Solution

After speaking with the client and having a discovery call to understand their cybersecurity needs, the national business needed an AWS Security Engineer and Cybersecurity Data Governance Contractor to streamline their processes. The Security Engineer was needed to:

  • manage their information assets
  • decide on standards (SOP)
  • assess threats and vulnerabilities
  • review state laws to make sure security follows regulations
  • create an incident management and disaster recovery plan
  • manage third parties
  • decide what software and tools were needed
  • identify and manage risks

While the data and governance contractor was to focus on conducting an internal audit of the current policies and procedures that were already in place to evaluate risk and compliance.

The Results

The Planet Technology team successfully filled two short-term contract placements for both the AWS Security Engineer and the Cybersecurity Data Governance positions. As a result of the engagement, the client was properly staffed to investigate, create a project timeline, and meet the deliverables of providing Cybersecurity guides to solve any outstanding problems.

Photo Credit: Canva