Case Studies

Optimizing Enterprise Systems for Success in the Aerospace and Defense Industry

The Client

The client is a privately held manufacturing company specializing in the aerospace and defense industry. Their business model centers on producing high-quality, precise components essential to their sector. As a leader in a highly competitive and technically demanding field, maintaining operational efficiency and technological advancement is crucial for their success.

Key Challenges

The client faced significant challenges with their previously implemented IFS (Industrial and Financial Systems) application. The initial rollout of the IFS system was less than optimal, with many processes remaining undefined or under-optimized. As a result, the system was not utilized to its fullest potential, which hindered overall business efficiency and productivity. The specific areas needing attention included:

  • Technical Administration: Issues with system settings and user permissions impacted daily operations.
  • Programming: Custom programming was needed to tailor the IFS application to the company’s specific needs.
  • Manufacturing: The existing setup did not fully support the manufacturing workflows, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Engineering: Integration with other engineering tools and systems was suboptimal.
  • Finance: The financial module required enhancements to improve how financial transactions were handled and reported.

Recognizing these issues, the CFO reached out to Planet Technology for expert assistance to optimize their IFS system.

The Solution

Planet Technology responded by deploying a team of six independent contractors, each specializing in different aspects of IFS, to address the unique challenges faced by the client. These contractors from Planet Technology’s extensive network included specialists in:

  • System Administration: To overhaul the IFS’s backend setup, ensuring robust security measures and appropriate access controls.
  • Custom Programming: To develop specific functionalities tailored to enhance operational workflows.
  • Manufacturing Processes: To align the IFS system with actual shop floor operations.
  • Engineering Integration: To ensure seamless operation with existing engineering software and systems.
  • Financial Systems: To build a strong foundation within the finance module and facilitating better management of financial flows.

Each contractor played a pivotal role in addressing areas of concern, thereby collectively elevating the IFS system’s overall performance to better support the client’s business operations.

Current Engagement and Future Outlook

The engagement with the client is ongoing. Planet Technology continues to provide support and expertise to ensure that the IFS ERP system is optimized to meet the client’s evolving needs. The relationship remains strong, with ongoing adjustments and improvements being made as needed. The goal is to maintain this partnership until the client achieves full utilization of their IFS system, ensuring they can leverage the maximum potential of their investment to sustain their leadership in the aerospace and defense industry.

Photo Credit: Canva