Case Studies

Successful Software Migration with Improved Processes and Efficiencies

Manufacturing: Paper | Location: National | Startup Company | Software: NetSuite ERP

Key Challenges

A national paper manufacturing startup that was using QuickBooks outgrew the system and implemented
NetSuite ERP for their business needs. Eight months later after implementing NetSuite and feeling highly frustrated with the new system, they were still struggling to fully utilize the ERP and had begun reverting back to using QuickBooks. This lead the client to realize they needed someone to help them streamline their NetSuite instance and learn how to fully utilize the system. In addition to this, they needed a functional contractor to help them pull reporting, transfer data, and run the financial and manufacturing modules.


When the client initially reached out to our recruitment team, they believed they would need to re-configure their entire system. Within 24-hours, we had a NetSuite Sr. Functional Contractor’s resume on their desk and by the end of the week, they were hired as a virtual contractor for a 3-month project.

The contractor started with the manufacturing client and immediately recognized that they only needed to do minimum reconfiguration on the ERP system. Instead, they needed training on inventory, bank matching, and using NetSuite as a general ledger.


The manufacturing client now understands reporting, has better control of their inventory, understands their margins, can see what is selling better, and overall has improved visibility into their business. In addition to this, they have more business management by utilizing NetSuite and less of a financial outlook when they were using QuickBooks.

The contractor that was placed provided in-depth NetSuite knowledge, understanding of features and also brought business knowledge to the client. This helped them to drive their business by leveraging the tool and helped them to make business decisions to increase profitability.


“I would say that we would not be able to continue with NetSuite without the contractor that Planet Technology provided. Truly and completely. We were sinking with no hope for survival. We’re now actually USING NetSuite the way it is meant to be used and starting to see the benefits of all it can do. A small business can’t do this without someone with the knowledge the contractor that Planet Technology provided has. It really has been life saving for us.”

Photo Credit: Canva