Case Studies

Workday Resources Streamline Client’s HR and Financial Processes

Founded over 85 years ago, the client plays a critical role in the transport and supply chain functions for over 50,000 customers throughout North America. Companies across sectors routinely partner with the client to gain access to their large fleet of commercial and rental trucks, maintenance facilities, and top-of-the-line warehouses to distribute their products. And with thousands of technicians and drivers on staff, the client boasts a 99% on time delivery rate, making them a leader in the industry.

Key Challenges

Being a multi-faceted organization with hundreds PTO plans, it was important that the client have a unified solution for human capital management. They had recently finished the first phase of a Workday integration, and had taken the next steps to properly configure their new system. They attempted to complete the task using internal resources from various departments but, lacking expertise, this approach was unsuccessful.

Both Workday and the client’s initial Integration Partner recommended Planet Technology to help them fill these key roles. Planet Technology is a certified Workday Staffing Partner with premier access to qualified Workday consultants. The team at Planet outlined their background within the Workday ecosystem, and though there was little doubt that Planet Technology could provide the resources needed, the client was hesitant due to cost, and endeavored to recruit the talent through what they perceived to be lower cost staffing providers. This initial exchange took place in the summer of 2019.

Several months later, though, the client’s strategy did not yield results. This was in part because these other staffing providers were not well integrated into the Workday ecosystem, and thus did not have the bench of qualified consultants readily available to them. So, after extended prospecting, the client contracted Planet Technology to recruit talent for these key positions.


Planet Technology is the first and only authorized global Workday staffing provider. Since the start of the engagement, Planet has placed over 30 Workday resources with the client. Placed positions have impacted various aspects of the client’s Workday configuration, including their Core HCM, financial integrations, security, and Prism—Workday’s self-service analytics tool. Additionally, several consultants were brought on to properly integrate the client’s various PTO plans with Workday’s Time and Absence, Benefits, and Payroll systems.


The client has now streamlined their Workday’s Core HCM and FINS systems. The fine-tuned integration allows the client to reduce overall costs related to HR and payroll processes, giving them additional insight into their core financials. The client was also able to reduce costs through simplified employee self-service, freeing up internal HR talent that would otherwise have to manage these functions.

Planet Technology is providing Workday contract resources to the client on an ongoing basis. In many instances these resources received multiple contract extensions and worked with the client for 2+ years. To date, the client has referred and connected Planet’s Workday practice to other hiring managers within the organization and has expanded the partnership to include ServiceNow consulting. Currently Planet Technology resources are integrating other aspects of the client’s business in order to more effectively use Workday for their human capital management and other internal processes going forward.

Photo Credit: Canva